Ashtanga Inspired Flow

Wed // 6 pm - 7:30 pm // // Starting July 1st

Thu // 6:30 pm - 8 pm // // Please register online


Mysore-style yoga

Mysore style is best described as a self practice in a group setting, Mysore style is the traditional way that the Ashtanga system of yoga is taught and learned. Students come to class and practice the Ashtanga series at their own pace, level and capacity with the individual support from teachers and the energy of a group practice. This self practice method allows the student to work at their own pace while still receiving individual adjustments and personal attention from the teacher. The instructor teaches the postures to each student, making unique recommendations based on individual needs. Postures are given one by one, time is taken to master each posture before progressing to the next. Mysore classes help students to develop a consistent self practice. This class is open to everyone and is appropriate for both beginner and advanced students.


Drop-in  30 CHF
One week trial 75 CHF

Private Mobility Session

It is reccommended for people who have any joint restrictions/ dysfunction (all of us really) and thus are unable to benefit from learning the ashtanga sequence strictly. This does not mean they cannot practice ashtanga yoga. What it means is that in certain extreme cases modifying the poses is simply not enough to allow people to move throught the sequence without developing compensatory movement patterns or experience no progress. In those cases, it is best to do some extra mobility work parallel to the yoga practice. Mobility training is simply about making your joints 'smart' so they meet the prerequisites to safely perform a certain movement from the vinyasa (meaning breathing and movement) system of ashtanga yoga.
60 min private session - 120 CHF
90 min private session - 150 CHF
Polina is certified in the FRC® system and has received the designation of a Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist.