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Polina Elencheva


Born and raised in Bulgaria, Polina moved to the Netherland in 2003 to study Economics and Finance. At the age of 20, as a freshman, she discovered yoga through a friend and started her journey of inquiry. In 2009 she completed a Masters degree in Mathematical Finance and went to pursue a career as an interest rate trader at a global financial institution. In 2012 she quit her career in finance to search for something else, travel, learn paragliding and kitesurfing. 2015 is the year she discovered ashtanga in its true nature and started practicing 6 days a week. During the same period, she started sharing her knowledge of yoga with others. Since then she has fully immersed herself in researching and learning the method. Her boyfriend jokes that he has become a ‘yoga widower’ as she is always ‘busy’ with ashtanga yoga.
Polina's teachers include David Robson and Jelena Vesic. In 2018 she completed with them the Primary Intensive and the Assisting School program at the Ashtanga Yoga Center of Toronto. She also studied with Mark Robberds and Deepika Mehta and has benefited from the teachings of Natalia Paisano, Kino McGregor, Ajaj Tokas and Laruga Glaser. In 2019, she spent 6 months studying adjustmnets as a teacher apprentice in Ashtanga Mysore House under Natalia Paisano
Polina views daily practice as a path to evoking kindness and friendliness towards oneself and others, a daily reset of the mind, and an experiential tool to build intelligence through the body. Practice replicates life, it teaches one to be firm and soft, to be strong and surrender. And only through daily acceptance in ‘practice’, one can find that sweet spot. She considers the emphasis on self -practice as one of the smartest aspects of the ashtanga method as it is the only way to become truly meditative in the asana practice.
Polina is honoured to hold space for students to come and learn the method with her. She is also humbled by the student’s trust. Ashtanga is taught by hands-on adjustments, a very powerful tool to pass the teachings and thus trust in the teacher is essential in order to feel at ease with the intensity of the practice or the particular posture. Due to Ashtanga yoga’s repetitive and physical nature, Polina emphasises healthy alignment through solid foundation and sound technique.

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